Baby & Kids

Frequently Asked Questions

What gifts do kids want in 2024?

Kids want to be surrounded by their favorite things: personalize our customizable products with all your child’s favorites! Dinosaurs, princesses, animals – the only limit is your child’s imagination!

What is the best gift you can give your child?

Children love personalized things to show off at school or to their friends. We have notebooks, water bottles, and gym bags all waiting for that special touch from you that will turn them into the coolest gifts for your child.

Should every wall have something on it?

Why not? Show your style everywhere, with prints and photos of your favorite things, loved ones, cool designs, whatever you please! Try our photo tiles so that you can easily rearrange your artistic arrangement with no fuss!

What is the best birthday gift for a child?

Show them how much you love them with a photo gift of you together. Let them wake up every day to the sight of their loving parent or guardian. Guaranteed smiles every morning.

What are special gifts for kids?

Special gifts are unique ones, and our personalizable products allow you to create one-of-a-kind photo gifts for your kids. From blankets to puzzles, create your special gift now!

What unique gift can you give to a child?

A customized puzzle is the perfect unique gift for a child. All the fun of a brain-teasing jigsaw puzzle, with the added bonus of a personal image being created step-by-step!

Baby & Kids

You’re proud of them, you cherish them, and they deserve something special. The kids in your life are so unique and you want to let them know how important they are with a gift as unique as they are. From customized teddy bears to personalized pillows, princess plush throws, or wizard mugs, we have the right gift for the special children in your life.

Our custom teddy bears are a lovely and thoughtful gift for children. Choose a teddy bear, and then design him a unique shirt to celebrate your bond. Add a photo of the two of you to give your child before you deploy, add a special phrase you say to your niece or nephew, or ask them to be your flower girl or ring bearer. This plush bear says more with a custom-designed shirt personalized by someone they love.