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Tips & Ideas For Your Photo Book

Find helpful how-to guides, easy tutorials, and a world of ideas to fuel your creativity. When it comes to photo books, the possibilities are endless. Get ready to ignite your creative spark and turn your favorite memories into timeless keepsakes.

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Our Photo Book Features, Explained


Go for high-quality standard binding found in our hardcover and softcover photo books for a durable, clean spine that won't crack.


True to its name, our layflat photo books open completely flat, so none of your photos disappear in the centrefold. Ideal for displaying panoramic shots across double page spreads.


Our spiral photo books make page-flipping a breeze, thanks to its flexible metal coils that securely hold each page.


For a timeless photo book, go for a strong hard cover. Fully customisable with a semi-gloss finish, a hardcover photo book will give your shelf the perfect finishing touch.


Lightweight & flexible, our softcover option is ideal for on-the-go sharing with family and friends - and it's easy to flick through.


Add texture to your photo book with this unique cut-out cover option, made from high-quality faux leather.


Compact and portable, the A5 size is perfect for creating mini albums to carry with you wherever you go.

Square & Large

Choose our Square (8 x 8 in) or Large Square (11 x 11 in) photo books as a stunning canvas for your professional photography projects.


The A4 size provides ample space to showcase your photos - perfect for family photo albums, wedding photo albums or travel photo books.

Customer Reviews

Great 9/10 14,226 Reviews on Trustpilot
This photobook was designed...

This photobook was designed by my daughter for my 85th Birthday. Perfect way to preserve memories for ever and everyone to share. Love it.

Gabrielle, 14 Jun 2023

Great holiday keepsake

Another set of photo books received within the week. Excellent quality and a lovely reminder of our Florida holiday.

Lorraine Neale, 26 May 2023

Great result for my latest photo book

Great result for my latest photo book. Very happy with quality of finish and speed of delivery. Excellent value and easy to use software...

S Gray, 30 April 2023

I've been using Printerpix to make my...

I've been using Printerpix to make my photo books for many years and have never been disappointed by the products. The software is really...

Ms Marie Marsh, 20 April 2023

I absolutely loved this website

I absolutely loved this website, so easy to use, save and come back to continue your project at any time. I went for the 60 page large book...

Tommo Thompson, 10 April 2023

My husband love all the...

Being able to create a very personal gift is the best thing about Printerpix. A photo book for any occasion to treasure forever with added...

Denise , 11 April 2023

Perfect Item

Top quality photo book at great price-exactly what I was looking for!

Holly D, 2 June 2023

Fantastic service

Needed a last minute photo book. Was really impressed how easy it was to make. Was even more impressed with the speed of delivery using the rush service.

Jane Wileman, 24 May 2023

Photo Books for Every Occasion

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Sustainable Materials

With paper sourced from FSC-certified forests and solvent-free inks used in printing, our photo books preserve your memories and the planet. And to top it all off, your book is delivered to your doorstep in a 100% recycled cardboard box.

Price Promise

Affordable prices without sacrificing quality - that's guaranteed.


Our stunning range of cover types ensure that your photos find the perfect home.

Quick & Easy

Create a personalized photo book in minutes with our easy-breezy design tool.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not thrilled, we'll make it right - we know how much your photos mean to you.

Photo Book Reviews

From pixel to print, your story matters

Anyone else create photobooks from their trips? I love having these to look back on. One is locked away for Archie to have when he is grown up!


Creating a photo book was a breeze with lots of ccustomization options available. The high-quality finish of the book exceeded my expectations. I would definitely recommend it!


Often, we take lots of pics and at the end, we put them in a laptop or a hard disk and we never look at them again! So we decided to make photo books of all our travels.


I made a 40-page photo book for my grandma. Printerpix made the creation process extra meaningful, easy and fun. Now she has a lifetime of memories to cherish.


It’s Easy to Make Your Photo Book Online

What is the easiest photo book to make?

When it comes to preserving your precious memories, Printerpix is the name you can trust. Our online photo book maker is the easiest to use! With over 10 years of experience in photo album printing, rest assured that you’ll love your custom creation no matter what. Endless ccustomization options – backgrounds, layout, text, illustrations – ensure a photo album like no other. There’s no reason to wait any longer. Create your own personalized photo books to tell your unique story or gift the most meaningful keepsake you’ve ever made.

Which personalized photo books should I create?

Whether you want to look back on childhood pictures on a lazy Sunday afternoon, display your wedding photo album book on your coffee table, compile scans of the kids’ drawings into a photo memory album, or create a heartfelt gift, our UK photobooks are the perfect solution. With a variety of sizes to choose from, ranging from small photo albums to elegant hardcover books with sturdy, glossy pages, finding the ideal home for your cherished pictures has never been easier.

Next, the Square Hardcover Photo Book. Your teenager, niece or nephew would love a custom photo gift filled with their most popular Instagram pictures. And no need to resize – they're already square! These photo memory books also make for unique personalized gifts for grandparents. Scan their black and white photos and picture the smiles on their faces as the see their old precious memories in a brand-new light. (Check out our article on how to restore your old photos for handy tips). One thing’s for sure: these photo books are worthy to grace any coffee table or favorite bookshelf. Perfect as fun, engaging conversation starters, as well as custom home décor. And there’s more. Robust construction and high-quality photo album printing guarantee life’s best moments will live on for generations to come.

Looking for a sleek and lightweight custom photo book? Designed to beautifully complement photos from holiday trips, your child’s early years, camping trips, graduations, the A4 Softcover Photo Book is a versatile option. Despite its slim profile, we don't compromise on quality - our photo album printing will stand the test of time. With our easy-to-use online design tool, you can choose from a huge range of timeless designs to create an elegant UK photobook.

If you want to really show off those gorgeous panoramic shots, then try our personalized layflat photo books. It can find pride of place on your bookshelf or coffee table. Our layflat photo albums contain extra-thick pages which lay flat, revealing a stunning spread of your photos (weddings, birthdays, graduations, and beyond). These type personalized photo books make for excellent, high-quality gifts, too. If your friend’s into photography, then why not surprise them with photo books filled with their best shots?

How do I create a photo book online?

It’s never been easier to create your own photo book with Printerpix. You don’t even need to download any software to make your personalized photo books! Simply upload your photos from any device, including desktop, mobile, or social media accounts. customize every page of your photo album with designs, text, illustrations, and other fun embellishments. The best part? You can take your time inside our online photo book maker. Save your project and continue it later if you wish – no problem at all. We know just how much your personalized photo album means to you. And when you’ve added the perfect finishing touches, we promise to deliver the best online photo album printing service.

If you’re looking for the easiest personalized photo books to make, then we recommend our mini photo book album. Super cute and compact, these memory books contain 20 pages so you can tell your story in a flash. Perfect for those equally adorable pictures of your baby and snaps of your beloved pet (your other baby). The square sized format makes our mini photo books especially suitable for your most-liked Instagram pictures. Just think of those golden hour shots and travel snaps. Mini photo books are conveniently sized, making them easy to carry with you. Whether you want to share your memories with friends and family during gatherings or simply want to have your cherished moments close at hand, these photo albums are perfect for when you’re on-the-go. The great thing about these personalized keepsakes is that you can create a small photo album for plenty of occasions; your travel snaps, baby’s early years, your favorite romantic dates... and so much more. Photo books are versatile keepsakes, which is why so many people decide to create one. What’s better than one photo book, you ask? Two photo books. With Printerpix, you can get an extra copy of your custom creation to gift to a loved one at a discounted price.

Why should I make a photo album with Printerpix?

If you want to create a personalized photo album that’s as unique as you are, then make the process easier with our online photo book maker. We offer a range of book types and sizes so you can pick the perfect UK photobook for your favorite people or yourself! Simply choose your photos, and you're ready to start creating the perfect coffee table photo book.

Our user-friendly platform offers ready-made layouts that suit your style, making the design process a piece of cake. And the fun doesn't stop there! You can take your ccustomization game to the next level by upgrading to 190gsm lustre paper (the golden standard in professional photography!). Add themes, colors, borders, and backgrounds to design a photo book for every special occasion. Don't forget to add captions to add context to those special moments or send a meaningful message to someone special.

Curious about our premium paper option? Semi-gloss lustre paper adds sophisticated look and feel to your photo book, making your snaps leap off the page. With the upgraded paper, your three-day weekend retreats, sunny days in the park, and wedding portraits will be showcased in exquisite detail, with bright colors and a professional finish that ensures they look their best for years to come.

Which photography coffee table book should I make?

For a truly timeless touch (and when we say timeless, we mean photo books that never go out of style), look no further. Select a A5 Hardcover Photo Album with premium construction that not only adds durability but also protects those priceless stories inside. And let's talk about the pages – thick and glossy, they’ll make your photos look like works of art. When visitors flip through these albums, they won't be able to resist admiring every detail. Next, it’s totally worth noting how chic our A4 layflat photo albums would look on your coffee table or bookshelf. You’ll never lose your place again! The magic lies in the professional lay-flat binding, ensuring that extra-thick pages fall open flat without any annoying bends. Your beautiful photos get to take centre stage, just as they deserve.

How can I make my photo book unique?

First things first, pick themes for your personalized photo books that really speak to you. It could be your most recent holiday, your child’s graduation, or just a collection of your favorite moments. Many of our photo albums online give you the option to personalize the cover. Add a picture that perfectly captures your story. If you’re creating a wedding memory book, then why not make the cover a photo of the first dance? For an extra unique touch, include snippets of your vows (yes, you can personalize the cover of your photo book with text in most cases!). Now, when it comes to the inside, get creative with the layout. Try different backgrounds, borders, and photo arrangements to keep things fresh. Mix your photobooks UK up with full-page shots, collages, and candid pics for a dash of fun. The great thing about our photo books is that you can play with over 150 fonts, hundreds of embellishments, and multiple creative layouts. You could go for a minimalist look, a bright and bold aesthetic, or something else entirely. Your photo books will be unique keepsakes, printed to perfection once you’ve fully customized it.

Why should I make a photo book?

personalized photo books make the perfect gift for your loved ones. It's not just a photo album; it's a heartfelt way to relive the unique moments you've cherished together, whether it's a fun day at the theme park, a surprise anniversary party, or a memorable road trip – all captured beautifully in a photo book that preserves these precious memories for a lifetime! These personalized photo books are printed with HD, solvent-free inks, which means your creation protects your memories, as well as our planet.

There’s so much you can do with personalized photo books. Create an impressive portfolio that you can use to showcase your best work. Whether you're a professional photographer or an aspiring artist, it provides a tangible representation of your talent and style. Display a range of your most striking photographs or artworks in a beautifully curated format. Design a large photo book to capture every detail or create small photo books to gift or easily pull out from your bag and impress potential clients.

Make an annual tradition of creating a photo book that summarises the highlights and memories of each year. Creating yearly photo albums is a heartwarming tradition that not only captures the adventures of each passing year but also allows you to relive and celebrate the moments that shape your life. With guaranteed superb photo album printing, you’ll love flipping through the pages of your personalized photo album.

Design a baby photo book for your grandparents, yourself or your little one when they’re all grown up. From their first wobbly steps to those adorable first words, you get to capture it all in one special place. personalized photo books are extra special because you can add text and embellishments to every silky page. Why not create a photo book filled with your family members to teach your baby who’s who? (‘This is Mum’, ‘This is Dad’...). You can also add pictures – or use our illustrations— of their favorite animals and food to make education fun. Versatile and 100% bespoke, these online photobooks UK are the best in the industry.

Are there any discounts for bulk orders for photo books?

Yes, we offer discounts for bulk orders for photo albums. The discount amount may vary depending on the quantity and type of photo books you're ordering. To get a quote for your bulk order, please contact our customer support team, and they will be happy to assist you. Buying your photo books in bulk is the perfect option if you’re designing a family heritage album, a wedding album, or a family photo book. Share your favorite memories with your favorite people – they’ll love seeing those special pictures brought to life in high-quality photo books. Whether it’s days out in the park, camping trips, surprise birthday parties, capture your best moments inside our premium photo books.

How many pages are inside my photo book?

It depends on which photo album you choose. The majority of our personalized photo books come with a generous 200 pages, providing ample room to tell your story. If you wish, you can easily include additional pages for a small extra fee, ensuring your photo book is absolutely perfect! For those looking for a more compact option, our mini layflat photo books feature 20 pages, offering a lightweight and convenient format.

Can I customize my photo book with text?

Yes! You can add custom captions inside all our personalized photo books. With over a hundred fonts to choose from, your messages will perfectly match the vibe you’re going for. You can also personalize the cover of these photo books: Hardcover Photo Books, Layflat Photo Books, Softcover Photo Books, Window Cutout Photo Books, Classic Leather Photo Books, Mini Layflat Photo Books, and Spiral Photo Books. If you want to customize the spine, choose our hardcover photo books and layflat photo books.

Photo book cover ideas:

If it's a wedding photo book, consider incorporating the couple's initials, a quote from their vows, or a lyric from the first song.

If you want to create a wedding guest book, a picture of the couple’s first date would be a lovely idea!

If you want to make a travel photo album, choose a cover picture that defines the adventures inside, like a family selfie in front of an iconic landmark or the view of the city skyline.

With the best photo book maker in the UK, you can make a keepsake made to be held by you and the people you love. Exceptional photo album printing ensures that your photos will be reproduced in high-definition detail and with vibrant colors.

What’s the difference between hardcover and softcover photo books?

Our hardcover photo books feature a sturdy and rigid cover, which makes them more resistant to wear and tear. The hardcover also provides additional protection to the pages inside. This classic format is perfect as wedding photo album, preserving precious memories over time. On the other hand, our lightweight and flexible softcover photo books have a relaxed, casual charm that makes them perfect for a range of occasions. Whether you're creating a travel journal to document your globetrotting escapades or a photo album to share with friends, our softcover photo books will beautifully capture the sentimental value of your memories.

What can I use a photo book for?

You can use a photo book for everything, from capturing special occasions to marking everyday moments! Lots of people make them to relive their best holidays, capture their family heritage, remember their wedding day, or to chronicle an entire year of family adventures. Photo books also make excellent custom photo gifts. Collect your photos to make a birthday book for the honouree of the occasion, make a travel photo book for your family or just turn pictures of a wonderful weekend retreat with the kids into family photo album to treasure forever.

How long does it take to make a photo book?

The pace of creating your UK photobook is completely in your hands! Our mini layflat photo book can be created in minutes because it only has 20 pages. It really depends on which photo memory book you decide to create. You decide how much time you want to spend adding captions, backgrounds, and trying out different layouts. We understand it takes time to look through your photo albums for the perfect picture for your cover or choose the best photo for the final page. That's why you can save your project and come back to your UK photobook later!

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