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Custom Woven Blanket

(445 reviews)

Harken back to the days of rustic comfort and create your own custom photo woven blanket with PrinterPix.

Woven from ultra-soft material and adorned with your own personal photos. These woven blankets aren’t just super soft, they make a great addition to your home décor! Cuddle up, by yourself or with someone special, under our special woven blankets and enjoy the winter in style.

Use our easy online tools to upload and customize your own photos and we’ll do the rest! 
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Custom Throw Pillow

(445 reviews)

Sit down and relax with your own custom photo throw pillow!

Made of ultra-plush fabric, these throw pillows are ideal for adding some personal flair to your couch or bed. Not just a comfortable throw pillow, but a great decoration as well! Whether it’s pictures of your pets, wedding pictures, or a memory of a funny moment, these throw pillows make a wonderful addition to your home, or a great gift for family and friends. 

Use our easy online tools and upload your own photos to create a throw pillow that’s wholly your own. 
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Custom Photo Pouch

(445 reviews)

Customize your pouch with your own personal photo pouches and receive a bag you’ll love to use. Whether it’s going out to a party or just everyday fashion, these stylish pouches make an excellent addition to your ensemble.

Made of durable and long-lasting material and adorned with your very own photos, this pouch is sure to impress anywhere you go.

Simply use our easy online creation tools to upload your photos and customize them with your choice of text, templates or designs, then let us do the rest. 
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Basic Tote Bag

(445 reviews)

Show off a little you on the move and create a custom photo tote bag with PrinterPix! Whether you’re taking it to school, work or on a trip, these bags are sure to wow and impress. 

Made of durable and long-lasting material, these bags are stylish and practical. Customize your bag with your very own photos and receive an item that you’ll absolutely love to use. 

Try our online creation suite today for free; it’s easy, fun and you’ll love the results!
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Mink Touch Blanket

(445 reviews)

Brighten your home with a beautiful personalized blanket. We guarantee highest quality and maximum comfort for a long lasting keepsake. Upload your favorite photos, add custom text and adjust colors to make your unique blanket today.
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Metal Print

What’s the Trendiest Piece of Home Décor on the market today?

 You got it – Metal Prints!

Experience the Wonder of Light Capture in a way that’s never been seen before. A way so Mesmerising, it’s almost Mystical! Using the most Advanced Dye Sublimation Techniques, your best memories will be Heat Bonded to a Super Sleek and Ultra-Robust Metal Base – at the Molecular Level.

The result?

A Flash Shine finish so Vibrant, Your Photos will Captivate all who gaze upon them.

But wait – Here’s the Best Part!

Since the bonding occurs at the molecular level, your photos will never crack, fade, or in any way lose their Lustrous Opulence. And that means the Stunning Light Capture Quality is Eternal.

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Photo Canvas

A Magnificent Display Piece you will fall in love with for years to come! Printed on super-fine-grain cotton, your Personalized Canvas will be Gallery Wrapped by our experts before being precisely Hand-Stretched over a masterfully Handcrafted Solid Pinewood Frame. Effortlessly upload to our creator and that’s it! Your most cherished photos will be printed using Ultra-High-Definition ink for Stunning Quality and a Light-Fast finish that will bring your photos to life. Without a doubt, the most beautiful decoration for your home! (Fade Resistant, Ready to Hang.)
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Photo Cover Book

Over 1,000,000 SOLD in 19 Countries.

How do you turn a pile of photos into a collection of memories?

Easily, that’s how.

Simply upload your photos to our intuitive creator and effortlessly design your Premium Photo Book within minutes! Then, using Ultra-High Definition ink, your photos will be printed on Thick Cut 200gsm Super-Fine-Grain Linen pages for a silky finish so crystal clear your pictures will pop to life with vivid radiance. Superior quality, opulent style, and guaranteed to bring a burst of joy every time you open it!

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