How To: Take Better Indoor Photos

by Danielle 29. October 2013 14:16

There are some great family moments to capture in photo, and beautiful indoor areas we all want photos of.  Unfortunately, artificial flashes don’t always do your precious subjects justice.

The easiest way to avoid that artificial flash is to look for natural light sources. Let the outdoors in by opening up windows, blinds, curtains or even doors to let the natural light in. 

Position your light. Positioning your subject in front of the light will create unwanted glares and shadows. Stand instead, with the light, hopefully natural, behind you as the photographer.

Whether using your iPhone, a Point and Shoot or DSLR, you can adjust settings on your camera.  Set your white balance for incandescent or fluorescent, based on your lighting situation.  If you can keep your camera steady enough, ideally with a tripod, you can use a slower shutter speed to let more light in.  Again, if you can keep your camera steady, try raising your ISO to 600-800.

As a last resort, use your flash.  Sometimes you just have to put the photography rules aside. Any photo of your precious one will be cherished for years to come. 


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