How to plan the perfect wedding proposal

by Meera 22. May 2013 10:13


So you’re certain that she/he is the one and you’re ready to pop the big question. And you’re terrified. Unless you want your marriage proposal to fall flat you need to get planning - and pronto. But where to begin? There is so much to think about before you even consider getting down on one knee that the legwork is one of the reasons lots of people never get round to asking; it’s just too scary. What if you get it wrong? What if they hate the Eiffel Tower? What if they hate the ring? What if they say no? Here is a quick look at how to plan the perfect marriage proposal, good luck!

Prepare the ground


First things first; without giving the game away, you need to make sure that the person of your dreams is the marrying kind. Not all little girls dream of the big white wedding - or any wedding at all. Talk through your priorities and hopes for the future before you go out ring buying.

Be ring ready


That’s not to say don’t buy a ring. A wedding proposal without a ring looks like an empty gesture. You need to take the initiative and get up the courage to make a purchase before you ask. You can always keep the receipt!

Surprise her


While you may need reassurance that you’re doing the right thing, the more people you tell the more likely you’ll give the game away. Ask the advice of your closest friends only - the ones you can trust to keep the cat in the bag.

What to say


Don’t beat around the bush, a simple “will you marry me?” is all it takes and will be enough to get your message across. It might be a good idea to practice beforehand. They may just be four little words, but they start to seem pretty big when the time comes to say them. Once you’ve got the question out there, then you can tell your loved one exactly why you want them to stick around forever.

Without words



If you really are too scared to say it, or you’re a fan of action instead of words, you might consider a silent proposal. Simply take your partner’s hand and slip the ring on their finger. It’s strong, it’s silent and it’s utterly swoon-tastic.

Back to the beginning


A really romantic gesture is to take your partner back to the place you first met. Who cares if it was a park bench in the rain or over a cheeseburger in McDonalds; it’s the way to show them that you remember and cherish where it all began.

Special day proposal


Another favorite is to pop the question on a significant day, such as Christmas Day or a birthday. Be careful if you do this that the special day doesn’t overshadow your marriage proposal - and if you must choose Valentine’s Day be careful you don’t venture into cheesy territory.

Engage the elements


One thing Victorian writers knew how to do was use the weather to enhance mood. Take a tip from Bronte and use the elements to your advantage. It’s raining? Get out there and find a rainbow. You win extra brownie points if you get down on one knee in the wet, how gallant!

The spontaneous proposal


While meticulous planning is all well and good, after all a sky-written sign doesn’t just write itself, there is a lot to be said in the spontaneous proposal. You didn’t know you were going to ask. They certainly didn’t expect you to ask, but you’ve gone and blurted the words out anyway; gorgeously romantic.

Uniquely you


For some it will be the grand gesture of a public proposal, for others an intimate moment in the great outdoors; there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to marriage proposals. If you know your potential spouse well enough to settle down with them, then you know what to do. Trust your instincts and you’re bound to come up with the right method that the two of you will remember forever.

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